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It’s different this time

Work in progress

The game of POGS, or milk caps, brings back fond childhood memories for certain gamers. And during one of our project brainstorming sessions, we thought it’d be fun to bring it back and put it on the blockchain.

Courtesy of EOSIO software, we’re now doing just that.

You see, KOGS is the world’s first mobile game to compute 100% of its game logic on-chain. In other words, thanks to bleeding-edge tech, we’re doing what was once thought impossible.

As we finalize the NFT game pieces and adjust code, we’d like to share the gameplay mechanics with you. …

Candid questions, straightforward answers

Watch Ben and Alex chat about Asia’s current startup environment

Alex Saunders from Nugget’s News recently sat down with our CEO to discuss Asia’s startup culture.

In this no-punches-pulled interview, Alex and Ben talk about the countries ready to make technological leaps and bounds, bitcoin’s battle against the world’s fiat, our project’s upcoming smartphone apps, and much more.

You can see the entire clip right here:

Paying close attention to these blockchain veterans’ dialogue gives clear insight into what’s taking place in SEA, as well as RedFOX Labs’ Vietnam headquarters.

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Bringing Emerging Tech to Emerging Markets

Emerging technologies — blockchain, AI, and robotics, for example — exist to make the entire globe more efficient and secure.

RedFOX Labs began its journey as SEA’s first blockchain venture builder more than a year ago. Since then, it’s become evident that blockchain requires passengers on the road to widespread adoption.

In other words, blockchain’s quickest route to the masses is via commingling emerging tech. Because while blockchain can be complicated, even at the consumer level, AI can help users navigate the choppiest of waters.

RedFOX aims to make all of our products intuitive and user-friendly. But for those in…

Vietnam is perhaps not the first country that comes to mind when thinking about progressive technology ecosystems but the conditions are now becoming increasingly poised for spectacular growth in the tech sector. This sleeping giant has been quietly flying under the radar for the last few years and is now starting to make a rumble on a global scale.


In 2017 the population was estimated to be around 95 million. Of this amount, it was reported that 50.05 million used the internet whilst 42.18 million were mobile internet users. This number is expected to hit around 51.3 million by 2020.

New Partnership Cements RedFOX Labs’ Dedication to Cybersecurity

RedFOX Labs + Hacken = The Toughest Blockchain in Southeast Asia

Every minute of every day, cyber networks are under attack. Shady creepers are always trying to break into someone else’s infrastructure.

And on the blockchain — one of the world’s most scammer-ridden environments — network security is critical to survival.

Attackers only have to win once in order to wreak devastating havoc on a blockchain network.

In American Football, there’s a saying that goes, “the best offence is a strong defence.” And in the 24/7 game of cybersecurity, those same words ring true.

At RedFOX, our blockchain is our most precious asset. And after scouring the blockchain for a team…

Hacken Cybersecurity Partnership with RedFOX Labs

RedFOX Labs, Southeast Asia’s first blockchain venture builder takes security extremely seriously.

As we build enterprise-level solutions we need to ensure that our code is audited and secured and that all APIs are pen tested and checked for vulnerabilities. Identifying a long-term security partner became a strong priority to secure the long term value we are creating.

We searched far and wide for a cybersecurity firm that could partner with us for all of the companies that we build and for all of the products that we release. …

Image by athree23 from Pixabay

There is a popular saying amongst entrepreneurs that Revolut, Stripe, Amazon — these business ideas have all been thought of a million times.

The people behind those original ideas lacked the vision and capability to execute — except of course Nikolay Storonsky (founder of Revolut), the Collison brothers (founders of Stripe) and Jeff Bezos. Ideas aren’t what make people rich and build successful companies, it is the nurturing of these ideas and the ability to execute in working with like-minded and driven individuals.

To ensure great business ideas are able to break through that first layer of dirt and receive…

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